The "INIS" association

Founded in 1989, the INIS (Italie Nord-Isère) association makes know another Italy, far from the traditional clichés, and works for the italian language promotion.
Since 2009, we receive its members every year for discovering daytimes around the heritage of Lyon. From the old city ("Vieux Lyon") to the roman aqueducts, throwing in the "Petit Perron" along the way, from the Mercière street to the Hôtel-Dieu and the Gadagne Museum, we followed in our transalpine neighbours' footsteps let throughout the centuries.
Entre Rhône et Pô
If we know the importance of the italian influence in the history of Lyon, in its architecture, in the humanist thought flow too, we do know what we own to all these mainly Florentines Renaissance big families, who has contributed to the glory of our city and its heritage by circulating new knowledges and technologies.
From the 6th to the 8th of september 2013, we had the pleasure to take part with INIS in the Rovigo festival in Italy, where we gave a conference about the Rhône history.