De Condate à Lyon Confluence is a cultural non-profit organization whose purpose is to spread and preserve the historical and architectural heritage of the Lyon's "Presqu'île".
Toward this end, the association develops three points :
  • Activities offered to everyone : urban walks, discovery tours and conferences offer to all, an other way of discovering the city, and the people who built it.
  • The elaboration of partnerships with others cultural non-profit organizations or differents heritage stakeholders, enables to address to a large audience (kids, elder people, people of reduced mobility...) by sharing competences and to provide volunteer assistance, especially upon guided tours.
  • The compilation of a documentary collection dedicated to the city, including books, postcards, engravings, old time and new pictures and maps, for a better understanding of the urbanistical evolution of Lyon’s center.
Its philosophy being one of openness to all, of enchanging ideas about our cultural heritage, "De Condate à Lyon Confluence" wants to help the Lyon's citizens as well as the visitors to better know the history of one of the most beautiful city's heart, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, since 1998.